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Our Enterprise Technology Agility Advisory teams will support you to engage the business sooner earlier in the development lifecycle to deliver systems faster. Working closely with Cloud Engineering and Systems Engineering teams, they will guide you though change-management processes and enhance your capabilities to take pilot projects and run with them to efficient, successful deployment. Ask how they can work with you on coaching, training, design of Agile development processes, refining KPIs, program management, and other deliverables. Scalable growth and personalized customer experiences are critical for enterprise technology companies.

Evolve ways of working to better align customers and business

  1. Has proven to be able to lead large Architecture teams, shaping complex solutions and interacting with clients at the IT director and VPs level.
  2. Has proven to be able to lead small to medium Architecture teams, interacting with client counterparts.
  3. Whether you’re considering an ERP transformation journey, in the midst of implementation, or looking to unlock broader capabilities from existing platforms—via cloud or on-premises— we can help you achieve sustainable value and impact.
  4. Pivot your business from financing technology debt to financing innovation and become more agile and resilient.
  5. Deloitte IoT Strategy & Architecture services provide clients with strategy, vision, roadmaps, and architecture to deploy and integrate IoT technology into their operations.
  6. To thrive in this radically transformed business landscape you need technology systems, applications and infrastructure that are designed to be flexible, responsive and reliable.

Our expertise in data analytics, software and automation enables you to leverage human resources, IT infrastructure, customer services, sales, CRM, ERP, logistics and effective planning at scale. Our expanding ecosystem of best-of-breed partners provides specialized capabilities. Our approach will accelerate your technology transformation to make your architecture future-proof. We help you deliver purpose-built application modernization that simplifies technology management and reduces costs by embedding and operationalizing emerging technologies into your core business processes and platform strategies.

Build resilience with an agile FP&A function

With a clear view, you can decide where to reduce, redistribute and expand your tech investments. Dive deeper into the issues and trends affecting your “heart of the business” operations today. Managing this shift from the declining legacy businesses to the “New” is the primary concern for all of our CXO’s in High Tech. We work with ambitious leaders who want to define the future, not hide from it.

Combatting complexity in modern supply chain management

Accenture’s Greg Douglass explains how CIOs address new challenges in today’s business. Tap into an ever-expanding, diverse ecosystem of increasingly integrated applications, service capabilities, and talent models, fluidly. Use the power of new platforms to enable frictionless scalability and always-evolving infrastructure capabilities.

Revenue-boosting contract management for a cloud computing firm

Our DSN professionals can help you design, build, and operate a digital supply network, providing a flexible, future-facing ecosystem that connects elements across your supply chain. We help you create value by navigating the strategic choices that support new business models, M&A activity, and changing workforce dynamics. Our services take the long view on tomorrow’s technologies and help make them real today. The costs of digitalization are pushing technology budgets up, both in absolute dollars and as a share of operating expenses. We’ll help you adopt cost management practices that eliminate waste and propel your strategy.

Orchestrate large-scale business transformations from start to finish, focusing on vision, value, speed, talent and technology. Greg Douglass from Accenture advises how to boost a tech-savvy board as embracing digital transformation requires tech expertise across enterprises. Design and implement an intelligent operating model built for business agility, resiliency and growth. Our application management services help turn your core applications into drivers of innovation and business value. Our sourcing and procurement teams leverage intelligent platforms, analytics, and next-gen digital tools to help you drive value from third-party spend through category management strategies, supplier management, and strategic sourcing. Our planning and fulfillment teams develop integrated supply network strategies and planning solutions that coordinate the flow of products and optimally balance total cost to serve with rising customer expectations.

Restructure, analyse and utilise data smartly for better business. Create an efficient data pipeline to overcome critical challenges. Incorporate the right infrastructure and put all your business technologies into use. With Dautom, prepare a growth roadmap by recognising the data that makes a difference. Combine the power of humans, machines and applications through big data. Achieving maximum impact and value from investments in finance, supply chain, and IT operations requires a holistic view of key business functions from strategy through process design and technology enablement.

Leverage the best possible combinations of data with tech with talent to make insight-driven business decisions. Turn disruptive change into optimal enterprise performance andperpetual forward movement. We live in two parallel realities, one of atoms (physical) and one of bits (digital).

IBM offers industry and business process solutions in tech consulting by employing Oracle platforms with new technologies. To accelerate manufacturing and cut time to market for wind power, Siemens Gamesa partnered with IBM Consulting to create a machine learning (ML) solution on Microsoft Azure. Infuse automation and AI to improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance client experience. We help simplify managing applications in your hybrid ecosystem, deliver optimization and increase ROI. Create a coalition for change with a plan that also fires up your business, tech and finance teams. Make the most of digital core technologies and techniques to improve business continuity and reduce your risk.

Track and communicate the value of your enterprise transformation and get insights to help you make better decisions. Whether you’re considering an ERP transformation journey, in the midst of implementation, or looking to unlock broader capabilities from existing platforms—via cloud or on-premises— we can help you achieve sustainable value and impact. Our product engineering and development enterprise technology consulting professionals use a 360- degree approach and a comprehensive set of tools and frameworks to help you design, develop, and deliver products to customers at a lower cost and with greater efficiency. Learn how to begin or build momentum for your ongoing Kinetic Enterprise journey with insights and solutions from Deloitte’s expansive Enterprise Performance management consulting practice.

Define and implement the actions that will enable you to reach your target cybersecurity maturity level, and conduct regular health checks to make sure you remain resilient as technology—and the nature of cyberattacks—evolve. The cognitive assistants will help improve productivity, accelerate client onboarding, and enhance client engagement. Digital technology is one of the greatest enablers of sustainability. The right data can make your workforce flexible enough to ensure the right people are placed in the right roles at the right time. Train and hire for a resilient and diverse digital workforce with both internal and external talent. Introduce quick cycles of building, analyzing and getting feedback to encourage your people to experiment and focus on customer value.

As data explodes in quantity and complexity companies find it increasingly difficult to unlock its full potential. We take a comprehensive approach to your data challenges, helping you conquer obstacles and become an analytics leader. We can accelerate 360° value and end-to-end transformations by combining our expertise across strategy, industry, and function. We curate our knowledge by using proprietary assets, technology tools, and data.

The next big business transformation will seamlessly combine both. With short-term cost reduction or revenue enhancement and structural transformation needed to succeed in the future. Harness the power of digital, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. By ditching the standard playbook for ERP migration the company was able to slash labor costs and time-to-market. Has proven to be able to lead small to medium Architecture teams, interacting with client counterparts.

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