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The history of the Kaiserreich timeline is the same as our timeline until 1917, when the Kaiser ultimately decides not to restart unrestricted submarine warfare. Without the help of the United States, the French military is unable to push the Germans back, eventually collapsing under a German offensive and capitulating to the Germans. As the Central Powers and the Entente were now either unwilling or unable to destroy the other, the Central Powers first divided the spoils of war, then offered a “Peace with Honour” to the Entente, ending the Weltkrieg on November 11, 1921.

After fighting a brutal seven-year war with nothing to show for it, both France and Great Britain fall to syndicalist (a branch of socialism) rebellions. The Commune of France and the Union of Britain are formed, while the exiled governments escape to North Africa and Canada respectively. When Britain falls, some territories such as Gibraltar, Cyprus, and Malta are seized by other countries. Australia and New Zealand form the Australasian Confederation. India splits into three: the loyalist Dominion of India in the west, syndicalist Bharatiyan Commune in the east, and independent Princely Federation in the South. South Africa stays loyal but later votes to leave the Entente. The various island colonies of Britain and France join to form the Caribbean Federation.

In the decades since the Weltkrieg, the world has been an unstable and violent place. The Russian socialist revolution is crushed by the White Russians with the help of German troops. However, during the revolution, a number of new states have formed or were created. These include the United Baltic Duchy, Lithuania, White Ruthenia, the Kingdom of Ukraine, the Don-Kuban Union, the Alash Autonomy, and Transamur. China has been split into multiple pieces as well. There is the reformed Qing Empire, the Fengtian Government, the League Of Eight Provinces, the Legation Cities, the Ma, and Yunnan Cliques, Shangqing, and Tibet. Italy is split into various states, but following a French-backed Syndicalist uprising in the north which forms the Socialist Republic of Italy, the Pope seizes land surrounding Rome, and Republicans declare their own state in the northeast. As a result, the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies was the only one of the balkanized Italian states to remain, and the former ruling House of Savoy fled to Sardinia.

In the Americas, Woodrow Wilson does not run for a second term, and the Republican Leonard Wood is elected as president and is reelected before dying in his second term. He is succeeded by Herbert Hoover, who presides over the 1929 crash of the New York Stock Exchange and the start of the Great Depression. The Great Depression only affects the Americas, as most of the world now revolves around the Berlin Stock Exchange. The Mexican government is overthrown by syndicalist Zapatistas. A syndicalist Centroamerica causes its neighbors in Central America to form the United Provinces. Argentina wins a war against Bolivia and Brazil and annexes Paraguay and Uruguay to form the Federation of La Plata.

Events During the Game[edit | edit source]

  • Black Monday – The Berlin Stock Exchange collapses, sending shockwaves around the world.
  • Assassination of Russian President Kerensky – Kerensky’s murder leaves a potential power vacuum for both syndicalists and right-wing supporters to take advantage of.
  • Second American Civil War – Following the 1936 election, either or both the American Union State and the Combined Syndicates of America secede from the United States depending on the actions of the 1936 election winner. The Pacific States of America secedes in the case of a Military Junta by MacArthur.
  • Spanish Civil War – The absolutist Carlists and the anarcho-syndicalist CNT-FAI revolt against the Spanish Alfonso XIII government.

(Future Rework information below)

  • Spanish Civil War (rework)- The Republicans and the anarcho-syndicalist CNT-FAI revolt against either the Spanish Alfonso XIII government or the Carlist royal government.
  • LEP collapse – When Sun Chuanfang dies, the League of Eight Provinces collapses into multiple cliques and a revived KMT, ending the status-quo in China.
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