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The year is 1962. World War II ended with a Greater Germanic Reich dominating all of Europe. France and England are German puppet states. The Soviet Union has shattered into several dozen warring splinter states. America was humiliated under a combined assault from Imperial Japan and a nuclear-equipped Germany. Such is their power that they’ve fully embraced the Atlantropa plan and reshaped the Eurasian continent at their will. For all intents and purposes, the Reich is at the top of the world. It ought to be invincible and unbreakable.

In reality, these are dire times for the thousand-year Reich. Over the first thirty years of a golden age that Hitler promised would last a millennium, the Reich has gone from being the world’s preeminent superpower to teetering on the brink of collapse. Germany’s economy experienced a disastrous crash in the 1950s from which it has never recovered. The Reich struggles to reassert control over its unruly eastern colonies and a massively powerful SS, which has effectively gone rogue under Heinrich Himmler. From his headquarters in Ordensstaat Burgundy, he plots to implement his vision of a purer, fundamentalist version of National Socialism across the entire Reich. The internal politics of the NSDAP have grown increasingly bitter and adversarial due to an elderly Hitler’s deteriorating health, with the intense factionalism reflecting the broader rifts in German society. The kindling is in place for a fire to burn down the whole Reich and perhaps the rest of the world along with it.

In the world outside of Germany, the international scene is significantly worse off as a result of the Axis victory. The alliance between Germany, Italy, and Japan collapsed shortly after the war due to mounting tensions and conflicting interests. Iberia, Italy, and Turkey, the former allies of Germany in the Mediterranean, formed the Triumvirate to counteract Germany in response to their increasing hostility and the failure of Atlantropa. The other superpowers, America and Japan, have developed their own nuclear weapons, creating a three-way Cold War between the German-led Einheitspakt, the America-led Organization of Free Nations, and Imperial Japan’s Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. The world now hangs on a thin wire that could snap at any moment, with the result being nuclear war and the destruction of human civilization. In the titular “New Order,” a shroud of darkness hangs over the world that is as black and empty as an open grave. Has the light of hope been extinguished for good by the Nazi victory?

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